If you are travelling anywhere close to Havana, Cuba dont forget to buy Havana Insurance. You and your family will need protection in case something, God forbid, goes wrong. In this blog we will supply you with all the information you require about Havana Insurance.

Topics disscussed will include the following topics to protect you while on your holidays in Havana:
  1. Cuba Insurance
  2. Havana Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Protection during your Havana Trips
  6. Cuban Home Insurance
  7. Cuba Travel Advisories

In general the medical care is not as good as in Europe and North America due to a shortage of equipment & medicines. However the doctors are very well trained and can take care of you for most travel related medical emergencies. Many medications are unavailable so travelers to Cuba should bring thier own medication with them along with any prescribed medicine in its original container and in amounts commensurate with personal use. A copy of the prescription and a letter from the prescribing physician explaining the need for prescription drugs facilitates their entry into the country.

Havana Insurance Coverage

The Medical Health Authorities strongly urges all tourist to consult with their own medical insurance company prior to traveling to Cuba to confirm whether their policy applies to Havana Insurance. Almost every Cuba experienced travel agents offer affordable Havana Insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred while vacationing in Cuba, including emergency services such as medical evacuations. Given the abundance of direct, commercial air links between Europe, Canada and even the USA. and Cuba, it may be a good idea to purchase extra Havana Medical Insurance with specific overseas coverage geared to Cuba travel. This extra protection has proven a life saver to Cuba tourist in the past.

When making a decision regarding health insurance, Cuba travel insurance should consider that many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment upfront in cash prior to providing service and that a medical evacuation to Europe, Canada or the USA may cost well in excess of $50,000.

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