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 Cuba Medical Insurance

 American Insurance companies do not protect you in Cuba. So forget about American Travel & health insurance while you travel to Cuba. Best o be safe and buy your travel & health  insurance in Havana to avoid any problems. Canadians and European travelers to Cuba do have coverage but they are still required to buy extra travel & health insurance coverage from Cuban Insurance companies.

U.K. Travelers need their European Health Insurance Card to show Cuban Health official for proof of medical treatment abroad yet most insurers cover only necessary medical treatment, repatriation costs, lost money, baggage, or flight cancellation, travel insurance from a reputable Cuban Insurance company should always be sought.
Internet Access Here Sign
Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

Havana Tourist Hot Lines

 Cuba has its own travel assistance company called Asistur (tel. 7/866-4499; www.asistur.cu) For a small price Asistur can help with all types of tourist emergencies.
Havana Internet Access -- To access Internet while in Havana, head to the any Etecsa S.A. office where you will find a bank of internet connected computers. Most all Havana hotels & beach resorts also offer Internet access. In Havana, outside of the Etecsa office in Habana Vieja, all the top 4 and 5 star Havana hotels offer Internet access at a minimum price of CUC $6 (US$6.50/£3.25) per hour.

Credit  Card In Cuba

Credit Cards in Cuba do work but if yours is lost or stolen then you immediately have to dial tel. 119, then 01/410-581-994. For MasterCard, you must also dial tel. 119, then 01/636-722-7111. For American issued cards you must dial tel. 119, then 01/905-474-0870. If you loose your your credit card or your wallet has been lost or stolen then call your embassy immediately then call the Cuban police to file a report. It wont help you get your wallet back but you will feel better knowing you did do something.  Credit card companies have an emergency toll-free number to call if your card is lost or stolen; they may be able to wire you a cash advance immediately or deliver an emergency credit card  to Assistur in Havanain a day or two.

Emergency Money

In Case of emergency Cuba does have solutions with Western Union, in partnership with the Cuban government  had over 200 locations to send money to Cuba. So if you need emergency cash over the weekend when all banks are closed, you can have money sent to you in Cuba via Western Union (tel. 800/325-6000 or on their website. www.WesternUnion.com.

Emergencies In Cuba

In Havana and the rest of Cuba if you are in any emergency whatsoever you should call the police or the ambulance which is # 106 for any police emergency.    Cal # 104 for an ambulance in six of the country's provinces n. American  citizens can find assistance at the U.S. Interests Section, with no questions asked about thier U.S -Cuba Travel licenses.

For Car Insurance call to get a quote.
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Top 10 Havana Travel Guide is your Havana Insurance for a fun trip to Cuba. Don't forget to book your Cuba Travel Insurance and your Cuban Heath Insurance before you go on your Cuba holiday.

500 years of history captured in the oldest part of Havana Cuba.

2. Havana Transportation
Old taxis, Vintage Antique American Cars & CocoTaxi line the streets of Havana Cuba

3.  El Capitolio  De Havana
A perfect replica of the American US Capitol built in 1929.

4. Cuban Music
Hot Sexy Latin Salsa Dance Music is world famous and can be found all over Havana

5. El Morro
Spanish 16th century fortress that still protects Havana from Caribbean pirates.

6. Cuban Cigar Factories
Tour the world famous Cuban Cigars factories that are the best in the world.

 7. San Cristobal Cathedral
Havana's Historic Baroque Cathedral with its 15th century Spanish architecture.

8. Revolution Square
Plaza De La Revolucion Cuban is Cuba's main political rallies, Fidel & Raul Castro offices.

9. Castle of the Royal Forces
Castillio Forcas Armadas is the oldest fortress in all the Americas & UNESCO World Heritage Site.

10. El Malecon de Havana
Cuba's Famous sea wall, a great place to mingle with the  Cubans and experience Cuban life.

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Havana New Restaurant Insurance

Cuban President Raúl and Fidel Castro want the recent opening of small businesses to raise  Cuba’s poor economy and absorb the  workers he says will eventually be fired. He also wants Havana Insurance for all Cuban Business to protect the workers and Foreign and Cuban tourists.

Cuba’s fast growing micro-entrepreneurs – over 500,000 have registered for new Cuban business licenses as of Jan 1st 2012, Many lack insurance and everything that most start-ups need, from location, skills to money. Will they ever really get off the succeed?

A restaurant in Havana’s colonial historic centre – which opened in 2012, is appropriately called “La Moneda Cubana”, the Cuban money, and is run by jose Perez, a 40-year old entrepreneur who has some answers.

First, the premises. The three-storey restaurant, which once belonged to Jose father, was nationalised by fidel Castro. What a location it enjoys: La Moneda Cubana lies just a few steps from the Old Havana cathedral, has a sweeping view of the Havana bay from its roof terrace, and enjoys a regular stream of tourists. Few are so fortunate. Indeed, the process of leasing state properties remains incipient.

Second, No Skills that Jose who worked for several years in the state tourist sector, first at the Cuban Resturant La"Floridita", where Ernest Hemmingway once drank daiquiris; then in the kitchens of the nearby Hotel Sevilla. “I learnt there everything I needed to run my kitchen,” Ángel told beyondbrics.

However, similar backward linkages are rarer elsewhere. “A famous Cuban  restaurant also needs a good manager and an sharp penny pinching accountant,” he adds. Such skills are hard to come by in Cuba’s Soviet-style economy, the business skills training program the Catholic church set up last year.

Third, No Money =No Profits! The thinking is that Cubans turn to their Miami relatives for start-up capital. This is entirely legal under Fidel & Rual Castro’s new rule and better still its is encouraged.

The informality that Cubans developed over decades socialism remain deeply engrained.
Jose, for example, insists he restored his property building “all with my own money”.
Jose also says his operation is now self-financing. La Moneda Cubana’s business suggests this may indeed be so. That is just as well, as the notion of Cuba’s old banking system offering credit is entirely novel – although there is government talk it will do so.
  Cubans can now Legally buy construction materials directly from the state. As for food, Jose still buys from the Cuban state rather than private farmers. “They can’t ensure a steady and reliable supply,” he says.
Over 100 Cuba food contracts have been signed between private farmers and state-run hotels – a huge change that will strip out the inefficient state-distribution system. Che Guevera must be watching from above to protect the Cuban revolution he fought so hard to build.
English: This photo was taken on March 5, 1960...
Image via Wikipedia

Cuba’s growing small business sector is still fragile and Jose and other cubans small success will surely be repeated everywhere. Business generally remains very fragile. Most entrepreneurs sell out of their homes, or from makeshift street stalls. Havana is far from becoming a neon-wrapped landscape.

The Cubans are extrily  supportive aof the popularity of the reforms and Castro’s mantra that they will be implemented “slowly, but without pause” also means they are irreversible. Ahead of the Communist Party’s conference over the weekend, even state newspaper Granma talked of the need “to leave behind prejudices against the non-state sector” and to overcome the “psychological barrier” of “obsolete dogmas”.

One of these is work habits. Jose for one, has already turned on its head the old socialist mantra  of “everyone pretends to work and the state pretends to pay.” Compared to state wages worth around $15 CUC a month but paid in Cuban pesos, his staff get a percentage of profits in hard currency. “They like that, very much,” he says.

As for Jose Perez workday: he says that he will make it there early in the morning and usually leave around 4 am every day. Does he mind that hard work?  Not at all. Cuban like hard work but the Havana Insurance is what I really need to make it secure.  You have to do what one has to or wants to do – and I do. This is as much an emotional risk but I like it very much. Cuba is getting better every day for Insurance and investment.

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Havana Invents Worlds First Cancer Vaccine

Havana Insurance Available for Cuban Cigar Smokers

Havana has launched the worlds first Cancer Vaccine. Cuba's famous Cohibas Cigars are known for exporting stem cells, but it might soon be known for exporting a lung cancer vaccine produced by natural stem cells that researchers say can turn advanced lung cancer into a manageable chronic illness that can extend  a cancer patients life span by 25% of more.

Cuba insurance is famous for the quality of its Cohiba cigars comes some pretty big news. Granma reports that Cuban stem cell medical authorities have released the first therapeutic vaccine for terminal lung cancer. CimaVax-EGF is the result of a 30 year stem cell research project at  CHCMI, Havana’s Center for Molecular Immunology, and it could make a dramatic difference for patients dying from late-stage lung cancer.
Cuban Stem Cell Scientist
Cuban stem cell scientist have insured Cuba new vaccine called "CimaVax-EGF" which isn’t a vaccine in the preventative sense. EGF stem cells doesn’t prevent lung cancer from taking hold in new patients. It’s based on a new types of stem cells related to uncontrolled cell growth deviation that doesn’t prevent cancer from starting in the first place but attacks the cells that does damage your own lung cells

Cuban Stem Cells Research,
Stem cells, cancer vaccines, Cuba, health, lung cancer, vaccines and more
Stem cells research into Cuban vaccines can turn aggressive final stage lung cancer into a controllable chronic disease by helping your own body produce its own stem cell antibodies that battle agaionst the same proteins that cause uncontrolled cell growth destruction. Even Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are still popular to destroying cancer cells showing no improvement to the new stem cells and new vaccine which could be a lifesaver for a terminal cancer patient..

 Free Havana Insurance for Cubans
This new Cuban Stem cell vaccine has already been tested in thousands of patients in Havana Cuba and is being distributed throughout Cuban hospitals free of charge. That’s huge health care benifit for Cubans where smoking Cohiba cigars is part of Cuba's national pastime and a leading cause of Cancer deaths. If Cuban cigar smoking stem cell vaccines are proven successful then Cuba should give all those Americans suffering from lung cancer reason to rejoice with a good tasting Cohiba Cuban cigar courtesy of the new Cuban Stem cell Vaccine.
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 Can a foreigner or Tourist buy house Insurance in Havana?
In reality the answer is "NO"
That being said lets take a closer look at Havana Real Estate Insurance and investing in Cuba.
Cuban houses and Real estate property laws are legally not for sale to foreigners or tourist.
However Cubans can now legally buy and sell their houses and they still can also swap their Cuban apartment for another Havana apartment via an another Cuban family in a "permuta"

Cuba Law Changed Today
In the Cuban Law 65 about housing, the possibilities and rules are stated, but in practice this is a rather difficult matter, because a lot depends on the interpretation of the inspectors of the Vivienda Department (Ministry Of Housing). Ask one hundred Cubans (and foreigners) about Real Estate in Cuba and you get two hundred different opinions and interpretations. If you’re married to a Cuban citizen your chances are better, but the Cuban house, land or property will be registered in the Cuban citizens name. Even then it’s not an easy matter, there are still lots of uncertainty. Adivse of a specialized Cuban lawyer for a 'house swap' is recommended.
Now that Raul Castro has changed that law after 50 years of brother Fidel Castro rules, Cuban can now legally buy sell trade all types of real estate including their Varadero villas, Havana houses, Cuban country side farm property and any type of Cuban real estate investment.
For more information about the ownership of a house in Cuba and Real Estate in Cuba, read the content of LAW N°65 GENERAL HOUSING LAW.
Havana Insurance covers Cuba Investment Condos and Swimming Pools

Cuban Tourist Real Estate Insurance Protection
Long term rent or lease is a possibility but Cubans , Foreigners & Tourist are better off owning their own place in Cuba. Havana Insurance is the best way to protect yourself from all type of Real estate investment problems such as hurricane damage, flooding, acts of war, Government confiscation, fire and any other type of property damage.
The other option is to continue renting from a Cuban family who owns a legal Cuba casa particular or private tourist room. These rooms are rented for a short time to tourists, but some room owners agree to long-term leases  between6 months – 1 year.

Cuba Long Term Investments
Most foreigners live in Havana or Varadero where there is lots of good option to buy .lease rent or now to own. In Havana the Marina Hemingway in well-equipped rented Havana Condos or hotel suites. Havana Insurance is not a cheap solution yet its the best form of protection for you , your family and your Havana Investment.

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CUBA travelers need to be aware of travel protection while they visit Cuba.
In Cuba you and your family are not protected by your USA, Canadian or European health insurance plan.

All travels insurance plans usually only provide $9,000 in coverage for US Travelers which is basic but not enough if you become seriously hurt, ill or injured.

Cuban Heath care companies will sell you cheaper and more valuable health insurance plan by paying 100% of your health care costs while you are in Cuba.
No other travel insurance company can sell you this Travel insurance product.

For only $10.00 per day you get:

    * 100% of all your health coverage while on vacation in Cuba covering all your treatments for sickness and accidents.  Drug and dental emergency treatments are also included.

    * $10,000 in repatriation and travel transport costs.

If you are in a serious accident or get sick with any illness you do not pay one cent in deductible costs plus you will not have to pay anything upfront.
Just show a copy of your Cuba Travel Insurance Plan to the Cuban medical staff at the Cuban clinic or hospital where you receive treatment.
Travel Cuba Insurance is accepted in every  one of  over 1000 of Cuba’s best medical hospitals & medical centers located all over Cuba.

A list of clinics and hospitals is onine along with sample Travel Insurance contracts for this particular insurance plan.

Make sure you sign up for yoursafe and secure Travel Insurance Plan before your next vacation to Cuba.

For Medicine in Cuba go here: CUBAN MEDICINE
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If you are travelling anywhere close to Havana, Cuba dont forget to buy Havana Insurance. You and your family will need protection in case something, God forbid, goes wrong. In this blog we will supply you with all the information you require about Havana Insurance.

Topics disscussed will include the following topics to protect you while on your holidays in Havana:
  1. Cuba Insurance
  2. Havana Insurance
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Protection during your Havana Trips
  6. Cuban Home Insurance
  7. Cuba Travel Advisories

In general the medical care is not as good as in Europe and North America due to a shortage of equipment & medicines. However the doctors are very well trained and can take care of you for most travel related medical emergencies. Many medications are unavailable so travelers to Cuba should bring thier own medication with them along with any prescribed medicine in its original container and in amounts commensurate with personal use. A copy of the prescription and a letter from the prescribing physician explaining the need for prescription drugs facilitates their entry into the country.

Havana Insurance Coverage

The Medical Health Authorities strongly urges all tourist to consult with their own medical insurance company prior to traveling to Cuba to confirm whether their policy applies to Havana Insurance. Almost every Cuba experienced travel agents offer affordable Havana Insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred while vacationing in Cuba, including emergency services such as medical evacuations. Given the abundance of direct, commercial air links between Europe, Canada and even the USA. and Cuba, it may be a good idea to purchase extra Havana Medical Insurance with specific overseas coverage geared to Cuba travel. This extra protection has proven a life saver to Cuba tourist in the past.

When making a decision regarding health insurance, Cuba travel insurance should consider that many foreign doctors and hospitals require payment upfront in cash prior to providing service and that a medical evacuation to Europe, Canada or the USA may cost well in excess of $50,000.